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CV in English

As you already know, you need to make a resume when you want to enter a new job or for some reason you want to change your profession. Sometimes there are vacancies where you need to send a resume in various languages, including English. The CVweb website will help you create an effective resume or CV in English.

Types of resume

Sometimes it is unpleasant when we want to change our profession or professional work, we're trying to make a new resume. You think about what skills or achievement to write, so that you were called for an interview. With a good written CV template, you have big chances. You think, for example, how a teacher with 10 years’ experience can work in the Human Resources department, and how to make correct resume. Be sure that CVweb website will help you to do the impossible for being good for employers. You can find a variety of examples of resumes, and even examples how to create different professions cv for work.

Accountants resume

The accountant main function is to provide complete and reliable information about business activities. Accountant's profession is very popular, has serious and great demand. There is no company working without accounting services. An accountant ensures effective management and make accurate decisions, a documentary and structured economic audit.

Marketing Resume

The word marketing is derived from the English word market. The functions of a marketing specialist include the product and market development, product or brand analysis, specific product inquiry, market assessment of some goods and services, monitoring, forecasting.

Resume engineer

The engineer is currently one of the most demanded and necessary professions. The word "engineer" comes from the Latin word "ingeniarius" which means cleverness, character, inventiveness, ability. Engineers work in different areas. Their work is related to the field of transport, aeronautics and construction, as well as in manufacturing enterprises and scientific centers.