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We studied and collected those frequently asked questions that are interesting to applicants and answered them. We hope, that here you will find answers to your questions. Still have questions? Just write to us. We are always happy to help you.

1. How to create a resume

To create a resume, you just need to click on the button "Create resume", or click here

Then you will see resume tariff and each tariff has resume types. After selecting one of them, we start filling out our resume.

2. Can I edit resume

You can definitely change your resume data at any time.

All resumes are in your profile.

This is where all your resumes are located.

To change it, click on the summary, and then change it.

All fields for changing, adding, and deleting resume texts will appear on the right side.

3. Is it necessary to fill in all the fields in the resume

Of course, you do not need to fill out your resume, but of course, it is desirable, since it is important to present the employer with as concise but informative experience as possible. Clearly contact information can be considered mandatory.

4. How to create a resume, if I do not have work experience

If you don't have any work experience yet, you can disable the work experience block.

5. Professional work experience is required for makeing a resume

Of course, being a good specialist is more likely to find a job and do it. If you have a high qualification and experience, then be sure to write in your resume.

6. What is needed to make a resume

To create a good resume, you will need no more than one hour. On our website you can find a lot of tips for filling out the correct resume.

7. How long will it take to create a resume

To create a good resume, you will need no more than one hour.

8. How to download a resume

After saving your resume, you can upload your favorite and completed resume with one click.

9. Why resume sample is in PDF format

Currently, the most common and acceptable method is to send a resume in PDF format, and this option is of course provided by cvweb.

10. How to change the password

To change your password, you must log in to your profile, then you will see the "Change password" button on the left:

11. How to recover a password

After clicking the "log In" button, you can see the button "Forgot password ?":

After clicking the button, you must fill in the e-mail address that you registered for. After that, you will receive a password recovery link from which you can restore your password.

12. How to change the email address

To change your email address, you need to log in to your profile, then in the right part you will see your email address. After hovering the cursor over the corresponding field, you will see a button for changing mail.

After clicking, the field will be active and you can edit your email. After changing your email, don't forget to save your changes.

13. Will my resume be kept confidential

For more information about privacy, see the page privacy policy

14. Is my confidentiality guaranteed

For more information about privacy, see the page privacy policy

15. How to delete a resume

To delete a created resume, you need to select the resume you want to delete from your profile, click on this resume, then at the bottom you will see the Delete button

16. How to delete an account

To delete an account, open your profile and click "Delete account"on the left side.

17. How long will my resume be kept in your web site

The resume will remain until you delete it.

18. Why do I need to register

To save your resume and not every time created from scratch you need to register to save all your data.

19. How to get a discount

To learn about discount, you need to register to be aware of the promotions

20. Do you have social media pages

Yes of course we are on social networks. You can subscribe to us there.

21. Return policy before making a purchase, the user sees the initial view of what their built resume will be, and only after making sure that this view meets their wishes and requirements, they buy online, receiving their built resume in PDF and jpg format.: If you purchase a pricing plan, the purchased amount may be refunded when contacting customer support.